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One stop solution to all your Information Technology requirements. Our objective is to provide with the best possible solutions available that are robust, scalable yet cost effective. With our team of highly qualified and talented experts possessing more than 15+ years of IT Industry experience we look forward to ensure that we tailor the solution that best fits your need.

Backup Solution Features

Real-Time Backup and Scheduling

Files and folders can backed up on Windows Server through Real-Time backup. It also offers backup according to your schedule. The scheduled backup can be set specifically or on monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis.

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Scheduled Backup

Files and folders can be easily backed up with less consumption of time. The type of backup i.e. differential, incremental or full backup, can also be selected. The loss of critical data can also be prevented by scheduled backups.

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256-bit AES Encryption

Everything that is sent to the cloud can be protected during the transition phase using encryption by the SSL protocols. It allows encryption of information up to 256-bit strong keys on source side

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Speed backup compression using optional compression, decrease information overhead, minimize storage charges and assist bandwidth.

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Incremental Backup

After the initial complete backup, backup new and changed files only.

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Command Line Interface

Receive systemic backup scheme information. Using the Command Line Interface, combine the backup schemes with personal preference.

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Retention Policy

Delete outdated data and keep original versions of backups.

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Email Notification

Customize notifications of emails to regulate each backup run and remotely control plans.

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